Brown Paper Rolls Suppliers South Africa

Brown Paper Rolls Suppliers
 Brown paper rolls is a strong wrapping paper, suitable for light to medium duty wrapping tasks.

Free standing brown paper dispensers, incorporating a serrated cutting blade, making cutting paper simple, quick & easy. Brown paper is also available in various sizes.

Brown paper rolls are a version of kraft paper. It is manufactured with the chemical pulp produced in the kraft process. This means that most of the lignin (which interferes with the forming of hydrogen bonds between the fibres) from the wood fibres are removed, giving the final product added strength. The colour of the bags come naturally as the kraft pulps are darker in colour than other pulps.

This paper product offered by Packit has high elasticity as well as tear resistance making them ideal for medium to heavy duty packaging needs that may demand durability. Initially these paper rolls were produced for butcheries to wrap meat and fish., but have now grown into a completely different market. As a cheap but durable product, many moving companies are now using it as a protective wrap for furniture, crockery, vases and fragile decorations during transport. The same could be said for the transportation of fragile products from factory and warehouses distributed to the shops.

Additionally, they can be used for hobby and origami paper crafts. It is a cheaper option for children’s doodles, posters and artwork. These paper products can also be used as food packaging, as they are plastic hazard free and therefore safer for consumable produce.

We at Packit Packaging offer these paper rolls in three different sizes, and special dimensions can be ordered on request.

Special sizes and types available on request.

  • 610mm
  • 760mm
  • 910mm
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