Cardboard Boxes and Moving Boxes Johannesburg

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Cardboard Boxes Johannesburg

We offer the following sizes for Cardboard Boxes Johannesburg

Stock 1 SWB  150 x 100 x 100
Stock 2 SWB & DWB 230 x 150 x 150
Stock 3 SWB & DWB 250 x 150 x 250
Stock 4 SWB & DWB 300 x 230 x 300
Stock 5 SWB & DWB 450 x 300 x 300
Stock 6 SWB & DWB 600 x 450 x 300
Stock 7 SWB & DWB 450 x 450 x 500

Our moving boxes are packed flat and easy to assemble.

SPECIAL SIZES: YES we can have a box specifically made to your specification. Give us a call now for a personal quote on cardboard boxes in Johannesburg.

PRINTED BOXES: YES we can have your boxes printed with your Company logo on. Send us your artwork for an accurate quotation.

DOUBLE WALLED BOXES: Call our sales team to enquire about the sizes available for our moving boxes.

Finding cardboard boxes in Johannesburg shouldn’t be more difficult than making a call, luckily, Packit, has been a number one supplier of cardboard boxes for years. And is very happy to help you find exactly the kind of cardboard boxes you’re looking for.

What are corrugated cardboard boxes in Johannesburg made of?

Corrugated cardboard consists of two layers, also called ‘liners’ and a corrugated central part called ‘fluting’. The liner is manufactured from long fibers in order to make it strong and hard-wearing. The fluting is manufactured from short fibers in order to make it stiff and resistant to pressure. This is single wall, there is also double and triple wall corrugated cardboard.

Moving Boxes

Boxes are ideal for a number of uses including shipping products, as moving boxes for moving home, boxing products for distribution and anything you can think of. Cardboard boxes can also be used as a toy for children as they often love to use their imagination to portray the box as an infinite variety of objects.

Are cardboard boxes bad for the environment?

Most local authorities have schemes to collect cardboard and recycle the cardboard boxes, alternatively you can take your moving boxes to a local recycling bank. If you collect your cardboard to recycle in a cardboard box then you will not have to separate it later. Cardboard boxes in Johannesburg are also biodegradable and decomposes when sent to landfill unlike plastic.

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