garage wipes

Garage and Industrial Wipes

Garage and industrial wipes with stands available. They are suitable for use in the garage and any other industrial environment and are ideal...

Paper Towel Dispenser

Quality Paper Dispensers

A paper dispenser or a paper towel dispenser is a device that dispenses paper towels. It can be mounted on or under a...

Blank Newspaper Rolls

Blank Newspaper for Packing

This multi-use packaging paper originates from newsprint off-cuts and has a soft feel with a slight sheen. Blank newspaper is a cost-effective choice for...

tissue paper

Tissue Paper Suppliers

Tissue paper (otherwise known as wrapping tissue) is a thin paper product made from recycled paper or wood pulp. It is manufactured with...

Paper Bags

Paper bags

These paper bags are made from high quality kraft paper and are available in flat or with a gusset, and in brown or white. FLAT PAPER:...