Industrial paper wipes

Industrial paper wipes


Industrial Paper Wipes

Industrial Paper Wipes are ideal for use in workshops and garage environments due to their high absorbency and strength. The fibres are woven loosely which allows water to travel freely, thus, allowing for the high absorbency. They are intended to be used once and are disposable.

There is a wide range of essential uses for paper wipes: from professional restaurant kitchens to mega factories.
In the catering industry, paper wipes are widely used as a cheap and functional tool for soaking up excess fats and grease from food. The same stack of paper wipes can be used for an entire large batch (or a few batches) of deep fried foods, which enhances their texture and taste.

Paper wipes are just as useful for an industrial oil spill on the factory floor. The effective absorbency ensures that the mess is soaked up immediately to prevent further contamination. Our wipes are intended for heavy duty applications and can handle the most robust fluids.

Industrial paper wipes are also a hygienic alternative to hand dryers in public restrooms. While the electronic hand dryers can certainly do their job, they also serve as a breeding ground for all types of germs and bacteria. Therefore, paper wipes are clearly the safer and cleaner choice.
These are only a few examples of industries that cannot function without paper wipes. For more information, contact us directly or order online here.

Industrial Paper Wipes Ref. 325:
240 X 360mm (packed in units of 4)
Industrial Paper Wipes Ref. 324 :
210 x 140mm (packed in units of 6)
Garage Wipe : Ref: 0471 :
280 x 1500 mm
Garage Wipe :Ref: 0474 :
205 x 1500mm