Disposable Mop Caps

mop caps

Disposable Mop Caps are an essential when it comes to promoting hygiene in the kitchen and is used to prevent contamination of food during the handling process.

Some of the most common places that use mop caps is cafeterias in office buildings or schools/universities. These kitchens are generally constructed to have a large flow of food output. In this instance, maintaining a hygienic environment can be challenging. Especially when peak hours arrive and the kitchen staff become overwhelmed.

Therefore, mop caps can play an important role in reducing the amount of human contamination to the food.
Similarly, these caps are also essential in classy restaurants. Patrons and guests at the more expensive establishments will expect a higher quality of food standards. Needless to say, finding a few hairs in their food is definitely unacceptable. A single hair could completely ruin the reputation of the restaurant. Therefore, mop caps are definitely a necessity.

In other cases, disposable mop caps should also be used on the factory floor for those companies that manufacture food products. A soggy strand of marinated hair is definitely not what you want to find in your canned tomato. The same can be said for any other products in the food industry.

Additionally, these caps can be used for a variety of other industries, such as at hospitals, laboratories, breweries, and farms just to name a few. See also our other disposable products : protective sleeves, disposable aprons and deli gloves.

These come in white & green and are packed in 100’s.


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