Polypropylene Strapping Machine

strapping machine
Polypropylene strapping Machine

Polypropylene strapping on cardboard cores comes in medium, heavy or heavy duty options. This type of strapping is ideal for bundling products together or strapping pallets. Securing your belongings is made easy giving you peace of mind.


The Packit team offers a wide range of strapping machines to help you with your packaging needs. Our strapping machines are strong, reliable and will never let you down. Polypropylene machine-applied strapping on cardboard cores is perfect for bundling your products, newspapers, magazines and packages together or securing individual cardboard boxes. A Strapping machine is an essential device for your warehouse.


Steel is the oldest forms of strapping. It is available in a variety of widths and thicknesses. Steel is ideally used for heavy duty holding where strength and minimal stretch are required

Our steel strapping is wound in a tight, uniformed circle to ensure you have that extra strength.

All these items can be ordered specifically to meet your needs.

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