Postal Tubes and Packaging Pipe

Postal Tubes

Postal Tubes

What are Postal Tubes?

These brown kraft postal tubes are Commonly known as packaging tubes, mailing tubes, postal tubes, poster tubes, art tubes, chart tubes and certificate tubes. As per the names suggest, they have a variety of uses for storing rolled up paper and documents.

Postal Tube Benefits

As we have all noticed, flattened out sheets of paper are not only difficult to store but are also easily damaged. Not to mention art pieces that definitely shouldn’t be damaged. These tubes are fitted with polyethylene end caps to protect your documents, posters or charts from gathering dust and dirt while in storage.

Let us also not forget the nightmare of travelling with large sheets of paper. They take up so much space and is impossible to transport without procuring some sort of physical impairment along the way. However, while they are rolled up and safely packaged into these tubes, you can rest assured that they will become so much easier to handle.

Postal Tube Made to order

We provide a variety of sizes that are appropriate to fit a range of sizes. Our tubes are also compatible for mailing and courier services. Should you have documents in an unusual size, you can place a custom order and we will ensure to provide the perfectly sized tube for your convenience.

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