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Plastic bags on a roll are convenient for many industries such as grocery stores or any place when a weighing machine is being used. The bag on a roll is made with transparent material and therefore allow the consumer to view contents easily. Roll are very versatile and are a must have for any work space or even in the home for food storage. Nearly every industry can use bags on a roll.

Our bag on a roll comes in 3 sizes to suit your needs:

  • 200 mm x 300 mm x 7mm
  • 250mm x 400mm x 7mm
  • 300mm x 450 mm x 7mm

We here at Packit Packaging Suppliers have on of the largest inventories and therefore we are confident that we can meet your industrial and commercial packaging needs and well as maintain a continuity of supply.

If you cannot find the bag on the roll size your require, contact us today

Width x Height x um
  • BAG ON A ROLL 200mm X 300mm X 7um

  • BAG ON ROLL 250mm X 400mm X 7um
  • BAG ON A ROLL 300mm X 450mm X 7um


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