Moving Box

  • Tailor-made and custom designed boxes are welcome.
  • Available in printed and plain.
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Moving Boxes Delivered to Your Door

Are you looking for a neat and efficient way to transport large amounts of loose items? Our moving boxes might be the best choice for you. A moving box is ideal for packing up your house for the big move to your new home. You are able to effortlessly organise your possessions into different categories so that unpacking becomes a breeze. Furthermore, our boxes come in a wide variety of sizes suitable for anything from small jewellery to large ornaments.

Weight N/A
WIdth x Height x Depth
  • CARTON 1000mm x 500mm x 500mm S/WALL

  • CARTON REF 08 250mm x 200mm x 150mm A/B
  • CARTON REF 12 300mm x 300mm x 330mm A/C
  • CARTON REF 14 920mm x 615mm x 337mm DWB
  • CARTON REF 20 350mm x 275mm x 200mm A/B
  • CARTON REF 32 425mm x 300mm x 250mm A/C
  • CARTON REF 52 500mm x 350mm x 300mm A/C
  • CARTON JA 5 457mm x 305mm x 305mm A/C
  • CARTON STOCK 7 600mm x 400mm x 400mm B/C


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