Packaging Machine Repair and Spares

We stock all spares that you’ll need for machine repairs sold by Packit.

We stock all spares that you’ll need for machine repairs sold by Packit.


Packit Packaging does not only strive to sell quality products but at the same time also provide excellent service.
We are more than confident that the packaging equipment and machines are all top grade products with a high level of reliability. However, machinery does experience wear and tear over extended periods of time.
Therefore, we have incorporated a highly skilled professional technical team in our Cape Town and Johannesburg branches. Our technicians have familiarised themselves with all machinery sold by Packit and will definitely be your best option as a repair team.
Our technical team aims to provide you with the most professional service and help you reduce your machine downtime as much as possible. All you have to do is bring your machine in for a quote, and we will handle the rest for you. For those of you who have larger machinery, we also provide a call out service just for your convenience.
At Packit, we also understand that finding spare parts can also be a huge inconvenience. For many of you that work with imported machinery, the service downtime can be ridiculous and tedious. This greatly reduces your productivity. Therefore, you will be happy to know that we stock spare parts for any piece of equipment or machine that you have purchased from Packit. This is another initiative we have taken in the hopes of reducing your machine downtime.


We sell:

  • Elements
  • Adhesive Teflon
  • Non-adhesive Teflon

Available individually, per m or in sets.