PVC Clingwrap Refill


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Are you looking for a PVC Clingwrap refill? We have 2 different sizes of PVC Clingwrap Refill for you to choose from, 350mm X 100m and 350mm X 200m. This is a durable protective packaging product and therefore it is always a great idea to keep a few PVC Clingwrap Refills on hand.

PVC Clingwrap Refills are made from polyvinyl chloride which makes this material water resistant and seals out oxygen adding shelf-life to your perishable items.

For online purchases of the 350mm X 100m, 350mm X 200m PVC Clingwrap Refill simply select your size requirement and add to your cart. If you are not finding the size you are looking for please do not hesitate to contact us and we will get in touch!

Width & Length
  • 350mm X 100m

  • 350mm X 200m


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