Protective Plastic Sleeves

Protective Sleeves

In certain industries, the use of protective plastic sleeves is essential. They protect clothing and arms against abrasion, heat, slash, chemicals or any other substances you don’t want your skin exposed to.

In the catering industry, these sleeves can protect the chef from hot oil splatters as well as potential burn hazards. Additionally, kitchen uniform is very expensive and pose as a major cost in the kitchen. These sleeves don’t only protect your skin from damage, but also saves you uniform from being ruined or stained.

Similarly, these protective sleeves can protect your actual sleeves when dealing with blood and meat at butcheries, farms, and meat stores. Blood stains are so difficult to wash out, therefore, these sleeves provide a cheap and easy way of protecting your own clothes.

For more heavy duty uses, these sleeves can protect your arms from harsh chemicals and such. In laboratories, accidents will often happen. Some hazardous substance can splash onto your hands and arms which can cause serious injuries. Therefore, we strongly suggest that protective sleeves be used at all times.
They are also a good protection for artists and sculptors who are always in contact with art equipment. As we all know, things like paint and clay can easily stain your clothes without you even noticing.

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