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tissue paper

Tissue paper (otherwise known as wrapping tissue) is a thin paper product made from recycled paper or wood pulp. It is manufactured with a paper machine where layers of pulp slurry are pressed and dried on a wire rack under heat. The pulp used as raw material is bleached and brightened with optical brighteners and soda ash. The cylinder of the paper machine is sprayed with a layer of adhesive which is what give the slight crinkling effect to these sheets.

There are a variety of uses to these paper products. The most common of which is protective packaging. This soft paper can be crumpled up and stuffed into boxes to fill the empty spaces and thus protecting the item in the box. Similarly, the paper can be crinkled up as a decoration inside gift bags and gift boxes. In this instance they can be used for protective as well as aesthetic purposes.

Furthermore, many hobby enthusiasts make use of tissue paper for creative crafting. Due to their texture and appearance, they are often used in scrapbooking, paper crafts and origami just to name a few. Many musicians even wrap tissue paper around their microphones during recording for special sound effects before digital production took over the music industry.

At Packit Packaging, we offer white tissue paper in 450mm x 610mm x 450 sheets at bulk prices.

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