Shrink Wrap and Sealing Machine

shrink wrap machine sealing machine

This 2 in 1 Shrink Packing Machine is a combination of sealing and shrinking.

How to Shrink Wrap?

Shrink packaging machine description.

  • Seals and shrinks in one easy step.
  • It ensures neat and firm seal without smoke pollution.
  • It ensures nice and flat shrink packs.
  • Its easy to move
  • You can adjust the height.

The shrink wrap and sealing machine is a two in one piece of equipment that combine shrinking and heat sealing in one easy to use step.
Shrink wrap is a polymer plastic film that shrinks around an object once heat is applied. The most commonly used material to manufacture this wrap is polyolefin and is available in a variety of thickness and strengths.
The shrink wrap is placed around or over an item then heated with our sealing machine. There are many large scale commercial uses of shrink wrapping. For example, one can use it to temporarily wrap leaking roofs during thunderstorms or for environmental containment of harmful substances.
Our sealing machines are used for small scale applications. They can commonly be used to wrap books or magazines in order to preserve their condition before sale. They are also often used to package compact disc (CD or DVD) covers. The reason being that the packaging contains information that should not be viewed prior to the product being purchased.
Furthermore, shrink wrapping can also be served as an over wrap for many packaged products. One example is beverage packaging. In this case, the wrap keeps the cans/bottles together and prevents damage during logistics.
The most common reason for using shrink wrapping is to prevent the product being tampered with. It is to protect the consumer and prevent them from buying an item that has been fiddled with.
There are of course many other uses for shrink wrapping. For more information, visit us at one of our branches or order online.