Vinyl and Insulation Tape Supplier

Vinyl tape and Insulation Tape Supplier

Vinyl tape stretches well and can be used to insulate electric wires. It stretches well and gives an effective long lasting insulation.

These tapes are better known as electrical tape, as they are mainly used to insulate electric wires. These tapes are manufactured with vinyl, which gives them elasticity and strength. This prevents the tape from being easily damaged and gives it a longer lifespan. Vinyl tapes were only invented in the early 40s. Prior to that, insulating tapes were made from cloth tapes incorporated with Chatterton’s compound. The original vinyl tapes were yellow, then later white. However, these old white tapes were unstable in ultraviolet light. Thus, were replaced by black tape at a later stage as the predominant industry standard.

We at Packit, can offer you vinyl tapes in a variety of colours. This is mainly used to indicate different voltage in sets of wires and the phase of the wires, so that they can be distinguished (connecting the wrong voltage wires can very dangerous!). Therefore, coloured tape are sometimes also known as phase tapes. There is a standard colour coding system that is universally recognised. For example, blue is used for low voltage phase C and green is for earth.

Other non-electrical uses of these vinyl tapes include labelling and temporary attachment of objects. This is because the tape can be written on, as well as be torn off cleaning from smooth surfaces. Additionally, many musicians and sportsman wrap the handles of their equipment with vinyl tapes for protection and grip (examples include drumsticks and tennis rackets).

Vinyl tape or insulation tape is available in black, green, blue, orange, red, white & yellow 12mm x 50m
24mm x 50m

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