Plastic Zip Lock Bags

zip lock bags


These durable Plastic Zip lock, resealable bags come in a wide range of sizes. The resealable strip can be opened time and time again, and keeps contents sealed and secure. Perfect for collectors, buttons, food portions, and keeping specific items together.


 Available Plastic Zip Lock Bags Sizes:

  • 40mm x 40mm
  • 40mm x 60mm
  • 65mm x 80mm
  • 80mm x 100mm
  • 80mm x 120mm
  • 100mm x 110mm
  • 100mm x 150mm
  • 120mm x 180mm
  • 150mm x 180mm
  • 150mm x 250mm
  • 180mm x 180mm
  • 180mm x 320mm
  • 215mm x 315mm
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