April News Update

CHINA VISITapril packit visit china

In late March Hugh & Clare Bosman paid another visit to Packit’s packaging machine supplier, Hongzhan in Wenzhou, China.

The aim of the visit was part of Packit’s on-going quality improvement drive and further strengthening of the relationship between Packit & Hongzhan. Var
ious quality issues were discussed at length as well as new product ideas.


Mark Berger, of Mark Berger Training, conducted another highly successful sales training session in Cape Town. Mark has been working with Packit to improve sales skills, greater professionalism and closer team work. These workshops have been enjoyed by the team and everyone has gained new skills and ideas.


Packit has developed anaprilnewsdoublechamber-300x225 exciting new partnership with a low  cost quality-focused vacuum bag manufacturer. As a result of this we can now offer vacuum bags at highly competitive prices. These bags will complement our range of vacuum packers, from the small DZ300, the popular DZ400, and the larger DZ500 double chamber.