1. Ensure all control switches are off before plugging the machine to power.

This includes the SPEED control dial and print POSITION to be at their left extreme positions.

  1. Do visual inspection around machine making sure there no loose parts and or objects which could hinder moving parts; if unsure call your sales representative or technician at Packit.
  2. Set the depth of the green belt depending on the size of the bags being sealed.
  3. Once you have your machine plugged to power, you can start putting control switches on in the following order;
  • Put POWER switch on,
  • Turn up the SPEED dial to a reasonable speed of green conveyor belt
  • Turn on HEAT and COOL switches same time
  • Set temperature on control dial to 150ºC
  • Put PRINT switch on
  • Set print temperature to 100ºC
  • Turn POSITION dial halfway its travel [this determines where printing is done on the product package]

Printing can be disabled by switching off the PRINT switch!

NB: It will take between 1-1.5min for the machine to reach the set temperature depending on the days’ weather and your area altitude.

The machine is ready for operation when red lights on both PRINT and HEAT temperature controllers come on.


  1. With your machine set as above, you will be able to seal any poly-clear bags of 65-85microns thick.
  2. Simply align the open end of bag to the guide [L-plate on far right hand side of machine], through the first set of pulleys from guide and leave it passing through heat seal bars and pressing set of pulleys on left side of machine.
  3. Do not test seal strength at this time until sealed part of bag is fully cooled down.
  4. You will have to make the machine faster or slower if burning or poor seal is noticed.

NB: Different bags material respond differently to heat so any adjustments to heat or speed should be done in small amounts!

  1. Allow product to lean on the green belt while being carried forward by Teflon belts and toothed rubber belts.
  2. Adjust inward or outward the green belt rack by unscrewing screw knobs by hand on left and right bottom part of rack to suit length of bags to be sealed.

NB: Remember to tighten back screw knobs after adjustment.


  1. 1.      Switch off HEAT and PRINT switches +-5minutes before cutting out power to machine completely allowing it to turn as it cool down by the cooling fan built in.
  2. 2.      Switch power off only with temperatures below 80ºc


Green belt does not turn

  • Check the lock screw on connection of shaft between Green belt rack and main body of machine.
  • Excessive outward adjustment of green belt rack.
  • Call Packit technician.

Teflon belts run off pulleys

  • Check screws on opposing side of hinge on pulley support block; adjust inward and outward the block using these screws  to align pulleys straight.
  • Do not over tighten screws as they are meant for adjustment purpose!

Teflon belts break often

Machine does not heat up

  • Ensure that HEAT switch is put to ON position.
  • Make sure that temperature control adjustment is adequate.
  • Faulty heating elements.
  • Call Packit technician.

Plastic containing product comes out unsealed

  • Check that pressing pulleys and sealing bars are in contact.
  • Reduce  speed of machine
  • If metal and rubber pressing wheels are not in contact, turn clockwise pressing knob located on top front part of machine until sufficient pressure is attained between them[see picture below]
  • Call Packit technician.

CBS980P Continuous Bag Sealer Users Guide

Seal on package not smooth

  • Pressing roller between sealing bars and cooling bars adjusted too tight
  • Turn clockwise the knob for pressing roller until pressure against the two rollers is minimal[see picture below]


The ink is too much or too little on the printed package

  • Make sure that settings for printing are correct-refer to section [GETTING STARTED]
  • Adjust ink roller for more or less ink by turning anti-clockwise or clockwise respectively the adjusting knob next to the pressing wheel knob[see picture below]



  1. All works to machine to be conducted with machine off and unplugged from power source.
  2. Hold with a 17mm open end wrench the base of shaft holding toothed belt pulley while loosening from back of machine the securing nut with a 14mm wrench. [see picture 004]
  3. Push inward the shafts and pull off both toothed belts.
  4. Release spring tension on sealing and cooling bars by means of levers on their tops[see picture 005 & 006]
  5. Push the hinged pulley support block inward to loosen tension of Teflon belts and pull them out while holding support block in.
  6. Fit in with new Teflon belts and do a reverse process to assemble everything together.
How to Replace Teflon Belt
Picture 004
Spring Tension on Sealing
Picture 005
Continuous Bag Sealer How to Replace Teflon Belt
Picture 006

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