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Established in 1972 Packit is a leading distributor of packaging materials and packaging machines

Packaging Suppliers

Packit Packaging Solutions was established in 1972, with our head office in Ottery, there are branches in CapeTown, Durban, Johannesburg, and a network of agents throughout Southern Africa, Packit Packaging is a distributor of packaging materials and packaging machines.

Packit Packaging Solutions has one of the largest ranges and inventories of packaging products in South Africa, thereby ensuring that it can meet most industrial and commercial packaging needs as well as maintain continuity of supply. Packit values all clients and customers range from small and medium size companies to large corporates.

Packaging Machines

Our packaging machines are marketed under the VALA brand name, and offer Value for money with good reliability, all supported by committed after sales service and an extensive spares inventory.

Our Aim is to be universally recognized as the packaging company of choice, known for its strong values of Integrity, Relationships, Exceptional Service, Good Quality at Fair Prices, and Flexibility.

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