Continuous Bag Sealer Packaging Machines


  1. Ensure all control switches are off before plugging the machine to power. This includes the speed dial to be at zero speed mark.
  2. Do visual inspection around machine making sure there are no loose parts and or objects which could hinder moving parts; if in doubt call your sales representative at Packit the specialist technician.
  3. Set the height of the machine head if the machine is in upright mode by adjusting the upright supports. Make sure the head is parallel to the green belt.
  4. Set the depth of the green belt depending on the size of the bags being sealed.
  5. Once you have your machine plugged into power, you can start putting control switches on; begin with the power ON/OFF switch, then speed dial gently turning it clockwise until reasonable speed of the green conveyor belt is attained. Switch ON the heat and cooler switches at the same time, then set temperature control dial to +-150ºC.

NB: It will take between 60-90 seconds for the machine to reach the set temperature depending on the days’ weather and your area altitude. Check that the dial indicator on the temperature controller is pointing at the corresponding number of your set temperature and the red light is ON. Your machine is now ready for operations


  1. With your machine set as above, you will be able to seal any poly-clear bags of 65-85microns thick.
  2. Simply align the open end of bag to the guide [L-plate on far right hand side of machine], through the first set of pulleys from guide and leave it passing through heat seal bars and pressing set of pulleys on left side of machine.
  3. Do not test seal strength at this time until sealed part of bag is fully cooled down.
  4. You will have to make the machine faster or slower if burning or lack of a proper seal is noticed.

NB: Different bags material respond differently to heat so any adjustments to heat or speed should be done in small amounts!

  1. Allow product to lean on the green belt while being carried forward by Teflon belts and toothed rubber belts.
  2. Adjust inward or outward the green belt rack by unscrewing screw knobs by hand on left and right bottom part of rack to suit length of bags to be sealed.

NB: Remember to tighten back screw knobs after adjustment.


  1. Switch off heat first +/-5minutes before cutting power to machine allowing the colling fan to run and cool the heating elements. Failure to do this will result in burning the Teflon belt.
  2. Switch power off only with temperatures below 80ºc.


Green belt does not turn

  • Check lock screw on connection of shaft between Green belt rack and main body of machine.
  • Excessive outward adjustment of green belt rack.
  • Call Packit technician.

Machine does not heat up

  • Ensure that HEAT switch is put to ON position.
  • Make sure that temperature control adjustment is infinite.
  • Faulty heating elements
  • Call Packit technician

Plastic containing product comes out unsealed

  • Check that pressing pulleys and sealing bars are in contact.
  • Reduce  speed of machine
  • Call Packit technician.


  1. Use silicone spray or Q20 to lubricate all bearings on Teflon belt pulleys, toothed rubber belt pulleys and green belt rollers two times a week.
  2. Use grease for all gears and shafts at back of machine once every month.


Make sure machine is off, cool and unplugged from power source before conducting the following:

  1.  Remove all melted plastic between sealing bars after every end of use
  2. Wipe outer body of machine using moist cloth and liquid soap.


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