March News

Packit’s March News

Johannesburg Branch

Loads of customers have been trying to call our Johannesburg branch only to find the telephone just rings and rings. We apologise for this – it was a Telkom fault which took days to fix. We know the calls were to take advantage of great prices on rubber bands which have just landed, as well as new prices on vacuum bags and our extensive range of other packaging materials.

We welcome to this office Sive Ngqalo who is taking over from Nomsa. After two & a half years at Packit in the office and on telesales, Nomsa is ‘going on the road’ to ensure she can add more value to her customers and continue to give great customer service.

Tray Wrapping and Top Seal Machines


Interest in the Italian Gruppo Fabbri
Automatic Tray Wrapping and Top Seal machines continues to grow as customers acknowledge the competitive pricing and advanced technology. In particular wrapping of round fresh produce (lettuce, cauliflower and cabbage) has been very successful and pack houses are as showing lots of interest with a number of machines successfully commissioned.

Rubber Bands

The quality and price of our new stocks of Rubber Bands has been well received in the market. Fortunately we have stocked up and we have secured forward orders to ensure continuity of supply.

Filling and Packing Machines


Over the past 3 months we have successfully commissioned a number of sachet machines.

The great price to quality aspect has enabled customers to get into this market and shows that our extensive Hongzhan range perfectly suits both the SMME sector and larger companies.

Parts Boxes


Demand for the famous Packit Parts Boxes in 3 sizes continues. Wherever we go we find these; in some cases more than 15 years old but still strong and doing the job of organising spare parts and smaller items for sale.

Call us now to get a quote on any of these items. We welcome both wholesalers and end-users. If the lines are busy try our email at We will get back to you. Cape Town – 021 5118780; Johannesburg – 011 791 4823. Check out our web site for more information –