Newsletter – November 2010

With 2010 nearly over and another tough year coming to a close we have some interesting NEWS, NEW PRODUCTS and some great SPECIALS.

NEWS – In Johannesburg we have 2 new staff members: Patrick Chimtendere, our technician, has transferred from Cape Town, so we are now able to offer technical back-up for all our machines and minimise the use of the free lance technicians.

Paresh Patel has joined in the capacity of Sales Consultant, working mainly in the Northern & Western areas. Call the office there if you have machines that need repairs or servicing, or if you would like Paresh to assist you with anything – 011 791 4823.

NEW PRODUCTS – We are now able to supply fully biodegradable and compostable containers. The Biopap range from Italy comes in a variety of sizes and can be used form freezer to oven to table.

The containers are made for pulp sourced from renewable forests, they are attractive, and they are totally environmentally friendly.

Packit is again importing RUBBER BANDS. Many of our customers have requested this and we have all the popular sizes in stock at competitive prices.

SPECIALS – Every month we run a number of great specials, and we are offering our DZ400 table top vacuum machines at excellent prices while stocks last. Call a Sales Consultant for Prices.

Interest in the Automac automatic wrapping machines remains very high, especially among packers of lettuce, cauliflower & broccoli.

The machines have proved they can can pack these spherical products with major savings in labour and film.

We wish to thank all our customer for the excellent support through this year. We close on the 24th December and re-open on the 5th January.